HW2C Odor Eliminator (Fresh & Natural)


HW2C Odor Eliminator (Fresh & Natural) (Air Freshner/Odor Remover, instant removal of bad smells from tobacco smokes/toilets/trash bins/pets, safe even for children, pregnant mother and pets)

Brand: HW2C
Place of Origin: USA
Capacity: 355 ml

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What so different about this product?

  • This all natural, plant-based HW2C Odor Eliminator does not just mask odors with perfumes like many others do!
  • It eliminates odors by attacking and binding the odor-causing molecules, causing them to biodegrade rapidly!
  • Odors from tobaccos, pets, trashes, toilets or even VOCs like formaldehydecan be eliminated quickly in JUST IN SPLIT SECONDS!
  • Safe even for babies, pregnant mother and pets, with natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. No need to leave the area when applying this product!
  • With natural, pleasant sweet orange fragrance.
  • Made in USA.


More to know:

Odors are not just unpleasant to smell, but may also cause:

  • Headaches, nausea, respiratory problems and asthma,
  • Depression, stress-induced illness etc.

Smells caused by tobaccos smokes are even more dangerous:

  • since tobacco smokes can go into the air to create “Second- hand Smokes”.
  • if breathed in by anyone nearby, especially dangerous to kids, elderlies and sensitive people.


Renovation odors from VOCs can bring serious damages to health such as:

  • Formaldehyde does not just have strong odor but also may cause cancer at high levels.
  • Benzene and other chemicals may cause dizziness or unconsciousness, long-term exposure may cause anemia, cancer or even death.


How does HW2C Natural Odor Eliminator eliminate bad odors?

  • It does not just mask odors with perfumes like many others do, but instead seeks out the chemicals causing malodors.
  • Then it chemically binds to the low molecular weight compounds in nature which are responsible for the odors themselves.
  • The Eliminator’s particlescontinue to attach to those malodors, exhaust the malodor molecules, eliminate them by speeding up the malodor molecules to biodegrade rapidly.
  • Odors will then be eliminated in just split seconds!
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 388 g

355 ml




over 48 months



Purified water, Naturally derived odor neutralizing agents, Natural plant-based essential oils, <0,5% food grade preservatives.

How To Use

How To Use

Shake before use!

  • Spray directly on sources of odors or to the air. Extremely effective in    eliminating unpleasant smellsafter renovation, and of tobacco, pets, shoes cabinets, washrooms, trash cans, cars and so on.
  • Clean the affected area with a towel soaked in the solution. Repeat if necessary.
Warm Reminder

Warm Reminder

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of eye exposure, flush with plenty of running water. Contact physician if required.