Almawin 100% Natural Baby Bottle Cleaner


Almawin 100% Natural Baby Bottle Cleaner (Cleans safely and effectively baby bottles and utensils, skin protection, all natural)
Brand: Almawin
Place of Origin: Germany
Certified organic by: Eco Garantie & Vegan
Capacity: 500ml

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  • It cleans softly baby bottles, baby-soother, baby-dummies, baby dishes, and washable baby toys.
  • The receipt removes powerfully and reliably even obstinate milk, juice and food residues, and rinse everything completely.
  • The baby bottle cleaner is perfect for cleaning baby accessories.
  • Hypoallergenic: No parfum and no colourings or pigments.
  • Dermatologically successfully tested.
  • 250 times can be used for baby bottles.
  • It cleans bottles of the material PES, Glass and PC.
  • It can take away the fat of the baby milk.

Know more about AlmaWin:

  • AlmaWin cleaning products are convincing through best quality regarding protection of the environment, dermatology and efficiency.
  • Products’ ecological ingredients are very skin mild and gentle to the skin, and are successfully dermatologically tested.
  • All ingredients are based on raw materials of vegetal and mineral origin – if available certified organic.
  • AlmaWin absolutely does not use synthetical colorants, perfumes and preservatives, petrochemical ingredients and nanotechnology. Genetic engineering is of course a no-no, too. All ingredients are bio-degradable and of natural origin.
Additional information

Additional information







>=5% <15% nonionic surfactants (saccharoidal surfactants), anionic surfactants (vegetal fatty alcohol sulphates). Further ingredients: water, ethanol, sodium salt of citric acid, lactic acid, glycerine. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

How to Use

How to Use

Use one splash of 2 ml is sufficient. Then rinse the baby bottle with water. By very dirty or heavy milk residues, increase the dosage.