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AlmaWin Organic Household Cleaning Products – Germany

“ We are all parts of a complex eco-system and therefore depending on each other.
What we do today ought to be good for our children and grandchildren tomorrow as well!”

Mr. Rudolf Bunt, Founder of AlmaWin   

– Mr. Rudolf Bunt, Founder of AlmaWin   

  • AlmaWin located in Winterbach, Germany, is producing washing, cleaning and dishwashing products since 1993.
  • Especially suited to the allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin, AlmaWin is the only European brand to have been successfully dermatologically tested by the University of Heidelberg and Witten-Herdecke.
  • All ingredients used by AlmaWin are fully declared using only environmental friendly raw materials that are natural and easily biodegradable.
  • Since 2005 /2006, the ecological quality of AlmaWin products is confirmed by the official independent certification bodies ECOGARANTIE and later additionally by ECOCERT.
  • ÖKOTEST – the product testing magazine in Germany – rated some of AlmaWin products to be “good” and “very good”.
  • In 2014, AlmaWin products achieved the GREEN BRANDS certification and was revalidated in 2015/2016.
  • In 2015, AlmaWin launched a world first PE bottle made out of more than 95 % recycled plastics.
  • In 2017 AlmaWin achieved certification according to DIN ISO 14001. This has established a functioning environmental management system that reaches deeply into all areas of the company.  2nd Revalidation by GREEN BRANDS.
  • In 2018 AlmaWin celebrated her 25th anniversary.
AlmaWin Organic Household Cleaning Products – Germany