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Green People

Green People – UK

The story behind Charlotte…

“Not for money, not for self-reliance; just want to save my 2-year-old daughter Sandra from the pain of eczema…”

– Charlotte Vohtz, founder of Green People


Charlotte with a nursing background, found her beloved baby daughter Sandra suffering serious skin eczema after using commercially available products for her daily cleaning. After various investigations, she prepared different natural herbal treatments in the kitchen at home. The items were used by Sandra. As a result, Sandra’s serious eczema problem was unexpectedly improved, and the effects after uses by other relatives and friends were also amazing.


〝I don’t believe that most manufacturers meant to hurt people, but they don’t understand that chemicals can cause serious harms to human bodies. In fact, more than 60% of the chemicals in skin care products and toiletries are absorbed through the skin. They go straight into the blood vessels and are taken to all organs of the body, and long-term accumulation in the body causes unmeasurable damages to health.” – Charlotte

Because of Charlotte’s love for people, she founded Green People in this year. She produced a skin care series that guaranteed only high-quality natural and organic ingredients were used, and without any harmful chemicals. Those products could be used by all ages and with different skin properties.


Seeing that there might be many so-called “natural products” on the market that only contained 1% natural ingredients, Charlotte actively contacted the Soil Association, the official regulatory agency in the United Kingdom, and proposed to legislate to monitor and certify health and organic natural personal care products. She was then appointed as one of the founding members of the Supervision Committee. Charlotte then through the years made far-reaching contributions and influences on the future supervision of organic products!

2000 – Today

After more than 20 years of hard work and experience, Green People has now become one of the best organic brands in the UK, offering more than 100 varieties of organic brands. Its products are not only sold in Europe, but also become the beloved products of the United States, Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. Though gaining much success, Charlotte’s love for the public has never stopped. In the following interview with the media, she is even more permeated with her care and attention to the general public:

“Learn to look at labels and don’t be taken in by all the nice marketing words and claims that are made. Trustworthy companies will declare all the ingredients and show if they are certified or what the % of organic ingredients are. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if in doubt!”

During this time, Green People has been presented with over 140 awards from magazines and organisations including Natural Health Magazine, Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible and The Green Parent, along with the midwife-approved TIPS awards for the Organic Babies range.