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Organic Times

“ If you are concerned about the health of yourself and your family, and qualities of things you buy, now you should choose products with a different angle- not on their prices or outer designs, but their ingredients! Certified Organic products can give you peace-of-mind!”

Mrs. Celine Leung, Founder of Organic Times


Organic Times—Your Health Guard!

  • Organic Times 有机时代,engaging in organic businesses since 2004, provides over 1,000 certified organic and natural daily-necessity products from all over the world.
  • With both physical and online organic shops in Hong Kong and China, Organic Times has been a renowned name for “Health, Trustworthiness and Absolute Qualities” locally and internationally.
  • A loyal believer in the power and purity of the creations by Nature, Organic Times has been strictly following the highest quality, international organic standard. Only products with purest ingredients- organic certified by worldwide authorities, and natural products without harmful chemicals can be found in Organic Times.
  • Throughout the past years, ourcertified organic, or truly natural products from Nature have already helped tens of thousands of customers to strengthen immunities, detoxify, sleep better, or solve different kinds of health problems arising from chemical harms.