Our Mission

In our daily lives, chemical toxins enter our bodies mainly through respiration, skin and food. Chemicals can cause harms like irritation, allergies, hypoxia, carcinogenesis, teratogenicity, growth and development problems, mental disorders, fertility difficulties and damages to our immune systems. All will seriously affect our health!

According to international standards, “organic” products refer to products that are free of chemical pollution starting from seed planting, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, transportation, production, processing, and even to selling. Products with organic certifications can be described as with the highest safety standards.

“Organic Times” carefully selects “organic or natural” products from all over the world that have been certified by internationally reputable certification authorities. It is our glorious mission to do our best to safeguard your health.

Organic lifestyle advocates the respect of the Love, Power and Creations of Nature. If you love yourself and your family, please love organic!

Our Philosophy

Cherish Resources

Resources on the earth are limited. Organic Times advocates the careful uses of every cent, and every bit of resources to achieve maximum utilization and sustainable development.

Respect Life

Any life on earth has its value. We should not only respect each other, but also live in harmony!

Love Yourself and Treasure Health

In the 21st century, bacteria and viruses are seriously threatening and endangering human health. It is important to enhance our immunity. With a healthy body is the first condition for loving our family and others.

Our Origin

Listen to the heart of Celine Leung, Founder of Organic Times:

“One day in March 2001, my life changed…

My younger son who was then only 3 years old, suddenly had serious difficulty in breathing. His face even turned purple and he almost suffocated! He was immediately sent to the hospital. Although he was lucky enough to be out of danger, the doctor could not find the causes, only telling us that it was because of “tracheal sensitivity.” …

“Trachea Sensitivity” almost took the life of my beloved son?!

Love of a mother motivated me to explore the true reasons for this disastrous happening. Through lots of efforts, I finally found the reasons: Chemicals in the household cleaning products used in my home, and nearly everybody’s home caused the disaster!

I must protect all my family members, and absolutely will not allow such incidents to happen again! The goal of “Organic Times” is to source all kinds of natural and organic products without harmful chemicals from all over the world to help extend the protection to all people who care about the ones they love!”