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Montalto Bio

Montalto Bio Natural Hair Colors – Italy

“If you love yourself, don’t just care about the food you eat … When we choose skin care and cosmetics, we should be like choosing food and clothes. We absolutely must pay attention to quality, which is the way we love ourselves the most, because skin care products are actually food for the skin. Do not just pay attention to prices. Choose those that are made of natural and organic materials so as to coexist and be in harmony with nature. The ultimate beneficiary will be yourself! “

– Mr. Giuseppe Montalto, President of Montalto Bio

1960: “Natural” skin care products? Too avant-garde!

Dated back to more than 50 years ago, Mr. Giuseppe Montalto’s parents, Mr. Filippo Montalto and Mrs. Giulia Montalto founded Juliette Alysque in Varese, northern Italy, and took the lead in manufacturing beauty products with natural materials. This was actually the predecessor company of today’s Montalto Bio.

When almost all skin care and cosmetics were still made of chemicals, Mrs. Giuseppe Montalto who lived in the mountains of Bergamo, Italy since childhood, deeply felt the love of nature for humans, also gained practical knowledge and useful experience with nature as her neighbour!            

1976: Founded Herbora, Italy’s first natural and herbal products exhibition

In order to allow the public to experience and promote the benefits of beauty products made entirely of natural herbal materials, the Montaltos organized the first ever natural beauty product exhibition, Herbora, which was an unprecedented success.

1980 and 1981: New force joined in

Montalto’s son Giuseppe joined the company after completing his degree in phytocosmetics. He combined his love of herbal plants with his knowledge and launched the first Italian cosmetic series made of natural materials, Trucconatura, in 1981. This cosmetics series became the lucky star for women with cosmetic allergies, and thus received special recognition from Varese Ministry of Health!

1990: Renaming of the company to show determination for natural products production

In order to let the public know that the Montalto family only concentrated on making natural and safe beauty products, the company officially changed its name to Montalto Natura, and adopted acacia leaf as the company logo. This logo symbolized immortality, purity, chastity and light as its purpose to customers.

Today: Montalto Bio – model of Italian organic beauty

For more than 50 years, the Montalto family’s love for customers and the earth has always been reflected in the uses of only natural, safe and effective materials. Since the Italian government implemented organic certification for beauty and skin care products in the past few years, Montalto Bio has immediately followed the strict requirements of organic certification by adopting organic herbal ingredients and manufacturing methods. Most of Montalto Bio products have obtained Italian organic certification and become Italian organic beauty leader!