Ballot-Flurin Crème de l’Apicultrice® Peau Sensible


Ballot-Flurin Crème de l’Apicultrice® Peau Sensible (Organic and natural face cream for even sensitive skins, calms, moisturizes and regenerates)

Brand: Ballot-Flurin
Place of Origin: France
Certified organic by: COSMEBIO
Capacity: 30 ml

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  • Organic and natural, a complete beneficial facial cream that pampers skin sensitive to stress, external changes (cold, heat, pollution), chafing with a tendency to redden and tighten. 
  • Ten natural active agents mainly originating from the local regions to moisturise, nourish, protect, soothe: sesame, soft almond, medicinal borage, clay, extract of grapefruit pips, calendula, medicinal rosemary… 
  • The chestnut tree honey from our harvests: moisturising, bio-stimulating, nutritional, antiseptic, stimulating.
  • French propolis: anti-oxidating, healing and regenerating for the skin, astringent, anti-infectious, antibiotic. 


  • The Elixir of the Beehive “Brood” softens the skin thanks to its dynamized local spring water. Its action on our emotions helps to feel accepted and open to others since feelings also affect the health and vitality of our skin.


  • Naturally restores your skin to become soft and velvety again. Very mild even for the sensitive skin of children.
  • Certified organic.Made in France.


Shelf-life: over 30 months, to be consumed within 6 months after opening.

Weight: 62 g

An Exceptional Quality

  • Artisanal production originating from our bees kept with love.
  • 100% organic beekeeping substances, originating from our beehives in local micro-terroirs, transformed on site in the countryside in our apiary-laboratory.
  • Dynamised preparation originating from ‘gentle’ harvesting and production methods, non-polluting and respectful of the ingredients.
  • Resulting from apicosmétique® research.
  • Local fair trade with independent beekeepers. No parabens, PEG, phenoxyethanol, neither synthesis additives. Natural smell from the ingredients. No animal testing.
  • Tested under dermatological control.


The Bees’ Story

“Did you know that bees are hypersensitive creatures that perceive our planet in a radically different way than ours? The touch of a bee on the skin is a sensation of pure bliss. But still, that little people fly through biting winter winds and hot summer sun with complete serenity… Your beekeeper’s cream (crème de l’Apicultrice®) for sensitive skin is rich with their fabulous treasures.” Catherine Ballot-Flurin.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 62 g



over 30 months, to be consumed within 6 months after opening.


30 ml



Dynamised local water, sesame oil, honey from our harvests* (5%), soft almond oil*, French propolis extract* (5%),hydrogenated lecithin, natural glycerin, oily components, natural vitamin E, squalane, medicinal borage, texturising agents, karite butter, carraghenanes (marine algae), MAS clay, xanthan gum, lichen, cleaning agent, jojoba oil*, aloe vera, extract of grapefruit pips, bisabolol (active agent), tiger herb, calendula extract, sodium hyaluronate, medicinal rosemary, phytic acid.

How To Use

How To Use

  • Apply 1 dose of cream (2 pressures) by very lightly massaging in circles on the face and cleavage. Light and fresh texture, ideal as a day cream in the morning.
  • For a stronger energizing anti-stress action, apply some cream daily on the lower abdomen, under the navel.
  • For children with sensitive skin, apply a nut-sized quantity of cream daily and gentle massage in circles until the cream has penetrated into the skin.
Warm Reminder

Warm Reminder

Very few people have allergic reactions to bee products. If in doubt, please consult a doctor before use.