Blütenland Bienenhöfe Organic Honey

“I often remember Albert Einstein Einstein said: If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. Bees in the world are not only for the multiplication, but also for the precious contribution to mankind!

Heike Appel, Founder of Blütenland Bienenhöfe

From fear to bees conservation

Although born in the metropolitan of Berlin in Germany, Heike has great interest in all of nature, especially in small animals and plants. He attended courses in botany and organic farming in Witzenhausen when he grew up.

In fact, Heike scared of bee very much because a bee bit him when he was a child. But while a bee expert appeared and let Heike had an in-depth understanding of these small insects which changed Heike’s life. She was then determined to engage in the path of bees’ conservation!

Heike recognized that the easily bought honey is brewing out in extremely hard process.

Bees: the mysteries of nature create

. A bee brews one kilogram of honey, needs to collect raw materials from almost one million pieces of flowers

. If the average distance of hive and gardens is one kilometre and a half, then the bees collect one kilogram of nectar, will need to fly four hundred and fifty thousand kilometres, almost equal to eleven laps’ flight around the equator!

. Bees use needle-like tongue (straw) to suck out the nectar of flowers and store in stomachs then bring back to the hive. When the bees store the nectar to their stomachs, half an hour later, proteins and enzymes in the bees’ bodies mix with nectar of flowers, will be transformed into honey.

. The bees store honey into hexagonal honeycomb, and then repeat the process until the entire hive filled

. Bees flap their wings to evaporate water in honey. After this dehydration process, nutritional structure of honey is improved and honey can be stored for a very long time.

Caring for the bees, I’m the one who can do it!

Bees have a high degree of organization and have complex cooperation for human beings to produce a wide range of bee products. In animal world, only the bees are improving the environment and not a predator. The more understanding of the bees, Heike has more passion on them.

Since 1993, Heike joined the world’s most stringent organic certificated organization – Bioland. She called for a lot of people who loves bee in Germany to set up cooperatives and make sure the acquisition and production of organic honey are not interfered with the natural ecology of bees so that everyone can enjoy a wide range of precious organic honey and bee products with high quality!