I’m Sweet Organic Mead 40 Love Expression Series – You Light Up My Life


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Nourishing body.Inspiring mind!

  • The first fermented alcoholic drink in the human history , no alcohol added.
  • The word “honeymoon” is believed to be derived from the Meads
  • The Mascot for “Eternal Love”
  • Health benefits: beautiful skin, healthy digestion, good blood circulation, high antioxidants
  • Honey itself is a natural presevative, do not need the addition of any preservatives
  • I’m Sweet Organic Mead 40 Made by fermenting absolutely pure, Bioland certified organic honeys from Germany
  • The “Love Expression” Special Series
  • Promote the concept of “Drink alcohols in healthy ways”. Only 40 ml bottles are provided

Water, Organic honey, Yeast existing in the air.

  • Time: After lunch/dinner
  • Every day 40ml



Gross weight with transportation wrapping: 12g

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Weight 12 g