AlmaWin – Sport + Outdoor (Organic Laundry Detergent) (100% Natural)


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From 20°C – 40°C. wash with the gentle cycle

For all functional sport and outdoor textiles with functional membranes or any other breathable textiles, synthetics, or mixed fibers, as swimwear, textiles for walking and gymnastics,

micro fibers, membrane and blended fabric. Not suitable for wool and silk.


  • protects the breathability of the membrane
  • removes bad odors and odor of sweat
  • do not use together with other washing products
  • Please read and respect the care label of your laundry.


Barcode: 4019555705014

Capacity: 750ML

Net Weight: 849g

≥5% <15% anionic surfactants (fatty alcohol sulphates), nonionic surfactants (saccharoidal surfactants), <5% perfumes (lavender oil*), linalool. *0,75% of the ingredients are coming from certified organic cultivation. Further ingredients: water, ethanol, sodium salts of poly aspartic and of succinic acid, citric acid, zincricinoleate, lactic acid. 96% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

  • 45 ml – for slightly soiled laundry and for a medium water hardness. Please dose according to the recommendation on the product. You can dose with the practical dosing cap into the compartment of your washing machine or directly into the drum. Do not use together with other detergents or with other washing adding! Please read the care label on your laundry before washing.for 20°C, 30°C and 40°C using the program for delicate. For textiles for sport and outdoor, with membrane or breathable function, for synthetic or blended fabric. Also suitable for hand washing.

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