Almawin – Orangenol-Reiniger (Organic Oil Heavy Duty Degreaser) (100% Natural)


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Undiluted use: Removes chewing gum and stains of color, stains of ink and ball-point pens, grease and fat stains, resins, glues, nail polish and many other stains from textiles. Removes bad odors. For dry dirt, dilute with water. Becomes milky when diluted.

Diluted: For cleaning of all waterproof surfaces. AlmaWin Orange Oil Cleaner should always be tested in a discreet place area before use to ensure product suitability for the surface type, especially when using on varnished, sensitive, rubber parts, epoxy and plastic surfaces. Clothing stains always test in a discreet place first.

Barcode: 4019555700231

Capacity: 500ML-bottle with child secure cap

Net Weight: 574g

≥30% aliphatic hydrocarbons (natural orange peel terpenes) ≥5% <15% nonionic surfactants (emulsifying agent on vegetal basis and saccharoidal surfactants). Contains limonene, citral, linalool, citronellol, geraniol, farnesol. Further ingredients: ethanol, herbal extract

  • 2 – 4 (30 – 60 ml) dosing caps for 5 literUse diluted or undiluted for cleaning of special dirt or very diluted for general cleaning. Lovely fresh smell.

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