Almawin – Glas Kochfeld Reiniger (Organic Intensive Clean) (100% Natural)


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The very fine lime flour, coming from the Swabian Alb, cleans powerfully, removes scalings and polishes gently without scratching the ceramic glass cooking field. The scent of lemon and lavender leaves a pleasant freshness


Barcode: 4019555700224

Capacity: 250ML

Net Weight: 366g

<5% nonionic surfactants (vegetal saccharoidal surfactants), anionic surfactants (vegetal fatty alcohol sulphates), perfumes (natural essential lemongrass oil and lavender oil*), citral, linalool. *certified organic. Further ingredients: lime flour, water, alcohol, bentonite, xanthan

  • Shake before using. Please levigate the ceramic glass cooktop cleaner with a damped sponge/ cloth, wipe profoundly and polish dry.For use on ceramic glass cooking fields.

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