Almawin – Gallseife (Organic Gall Soap Stain Remover) (100% Natural)


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Excellent product against many stains of color-fast laundry. Removes effectively a lot of stains such as fruit, fat or cacao in a natural way. Can be used for clothes’ pre-wash treatment too.


Barcode: 4019555705045

Capacity: 100g – bar soap in a folding box certified by FSC

Net Weight: 100g

≥30% soap (palm oil and coconut soap*), <5% anionic surfactants, perfumes, limonene. Further ingredients: water, glycerin, ox gall, sodium chloride, sodium thiosulfate, chlorophyll (CI 75810). *partly certified organic

  • Wet the stain area and rub the gall soap into the stain. Then either rinse with clear water or put the pretreated textile immediately into the washing machine and wash as usual. Please check the color fastness of the cloth at a discrete place.

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Weight 200 g